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High quality monocultivar extra virgin olive oil from Ostuni always on offer

Our sales policy from the producer to the consumer without intermediaries, allows you to buy our 2018 Salento EVO MONOVARY OIL at very affordable prices. 

Bring on the table all the goodness of Olio SANTE

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Holy Oil - Single-variety Pugliese Olive Oil

The company Sante Oil in Ostuni has always dealt with the cultivation of olive trees and the production of high quality extra virgin olive oil, operating for years in the famous "white city" lying on the three hills and also called Queen of Olives, a precious resource of Puglia .

For generations the Andriola family has worked with great dedication, passion and deep respect for their land, generous with excellent products and rich in history and charm. Immersed in the green of the Ostuni marina, the company boasts a magnificent and varied olive grove for the production of extra virgin olive oil, where lush young trees mix with monumental and majestic centuries-old olive trees. The care of each plant takes place in strict compliance with the best and most modern agronomic practices, aimed at constantly guaranteeing a precious, healthy and highly genuine product.

Through the use of innovative mechanical shakers, the olives are harvested directly on the plant, before they come into contact with the soil, to guarantee a good and almost acid-free extra virgin olive oil. The olives are then subjected to cold extraction in our mill in Ostuni. The extra virgin olive oil thus obtained is carefully selected and bottled. From the careful selection the MONOVARIETAL oils are born, a peculiar characteristic of the production of our family oil mill that perfectly reflects the company's philosophy, which has always been rediscovered, recovered and enhanced in the native varieties of the Apulian territory.

The rich production of Pugliese extra virgin olive oil from the Olio Sante company of Ostuni fully expresses the typicality and purity of each extra-virgin olive oil variety and has always satisfied any consumer, from the true connoisseur who wishes to deepen his agro-food knowledge on extra virgin olive oils olive, to the simple lover of food and wine culture, by the chef in search of an extra virgin olive oil that knows how to enhance the flavors and aromas of his own recipes through particular combinations, to the gourmet driven by the curiosity to experiment with new dishes seasoned carefully and flavored with high quality extra virgin olive oil.